We believe in the power of education to equip, empower and transform the lives of girls in Ethiopia. Ethiopia's Tomorrow partners with Abune Andreas orphanage in Ethiopia to directly sponsor and fund each girl's educational needs.

$25 Buys a Uniform: In Ethiopia, a uniform is required to attend school, but this cost is often too high for many

$50 Buys School Supplies: One student gets pens, notebooks, calculator and a school bag for the year

$75 Buys Lunch: One student gets lunch for a month

$100 After School Tutor: The schools and orphanage partner to get the girls extra after-school teaching

$250 Tuition Sponsor: Support one young girl's scholarship for one year of her school tuition

$500 Education Sponsor: Support one year of tuition, supplies and tutoring for a girl

$1,000 Full Sponsor: Support one young girl for a year of tuition, uniform, supplies, tutoring and lunch



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