How To Help

1. Make a Donation: 

100% of the proceeds go straight to the children!

$2 Buys Lunch: One student gets a meal

$50 Buys a Uniform and School Supplies: In Ethiopia, a uniform is required to attend school, but this cost is often too high for many. One student gets a uniform plus pens, notebooks, calculator and a school bag for the year

$100 After School Tutor: The schools and orphanage partner to get the girls extra after-school teaching

$250 Scholarship: Support one young girl's scholarship for one year of her school tuition

$1,000 Full Sponsor: Support one young girl for a year of tuition, uniform, supplies, tutoring and meals

We encourage regular donations. We welcome you to sign up for monthly or year yearly donations

2. Be a Guardian Angel


Want to do more for a child in need? Sign up to be a guardian angel! As a guardian angel, we’ll match you with a child whose full education you’ll sponsor (tuition, tutoring, uniform and meals). Your donation will also help improve the conditions in which s/he lives and learns. In return, you’ll receive a heart full of joy and annual updates on her/his progress.

3. Host a Fundraiser!

We are always looking for help fundraising. If you are interested, contact us about how you can host a fundraiser on behalf of Ethiopia's Tomorrow.